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Pro-Link Gets Serious about Green Paper March 27, 2009
Pro-Link, a leading jansan marketing and buying group, has initiated a program designed to help educate its members and their customers about Green paper products. This program includes an electronic Environmental Cost Worksheet that instantly tells purchasing agents such things as:

- The number of trees cut down annually to make the paper
- How many gallons of water and barrels of oil must be consumed to make the paper
- The additional kilowatts of energy required
- The impact on landfill space and air pollution as a result of the specific order

Clearing It Up on Paper
One of the many goals of the program is to clarify Green paper terminology and clear up some common misconceptions. For instance, Diane Mahana, Marketing Manager for Pro-Link, Inc., says many end users do not know what the terms �recovered� and �postconsumer� recycled content really mean or which is best for the environment.

�Paper products made from 100 percent postconsumer materials are preferable,� she says, �because [the manufacturing of this type of paper] channels the greatest amount of waste away from landfills.�

Additionally, many consumers are unaware of the difference between ECF and PCF when it comes to environmentally preferable paper.

�Green paper cannot use chlorine or any of its derivates,� explains Mahana. �ECF, or elemental chlorine-free paper, does use chlorine, whereas PCF is totally chlorine free. This makes it safer for aquatic life and the environment.�

The Green paper program is all part of Pro-Link�s efforts to not only embrace environmentally responsible cleaning and paper products but also become a more Green and sustainable company. For instance, just last month the company announced that electricity for its offices is provided by wind power.

�I am confident our industry will continue to play a leadership role in promoting Green and sustainable issues,� says Mahana. �Pro-Link is proud to be doing its share in helping to protect the environment.�